Types of Awnings for Decks and Garden


We continue with our special awnings, pergolas and umbrellas and, this time, we will devote our attention to the awnings, as they tend to be fairly common in homes, since we can install awnings for decks, terraces, windows, porches. The truth is that there are many types of awnings, depending on the subject, the closing rate support, structure. So, go over here the most common. Awning blind or curtain. A type of awning whose subject is based on two arms that are anchored to rails, so they are intended to terraces and slope is vertical. This support provides strong security into the wind.

Vertical awnings for decks. His restraint is similar to above but the hinged rods are attached to the sides, so it is perfect for wall windows and terraces on both sides. Invisible awning arm. The tensile bars are attached to both ends of the awning, so you will not need to anchor the wall or railing.

The hood is a kind of awning mainly for smaller windows. They are more decorative than other types of awnings for decks. On the other hand, we have the curtain or ‘windshield’ awnings, whose coverage is completely vertical, making them ideal for windy areas.

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