Treatment of Teak Brown Outdoor Furniture


Teak, or Tectonic, is a tropical hardwood birch. It is an excellent tree for making brown outdoor furniture products due to its strength, durability and wear resistance. Teak wood is resistant to insects and mold and does not warp, swell or rot. Currently, Indonesia provides most of teak in the world. It has a brown color characteristic honey turns gray with age if left untreated.  In about nine months, the color change is complete and the wood is dark silvery gray color.

They do not require any treatment teak unless you want it to retain its natural brown outdoor furniture honey. If left untreated, the wood will experience a natural color change does not affect the quality or strength of the wood. This color change begins to occur in untreated wood after being around three months abroad.

Teak wood is probably lower maintenance available, but requires some steps to look in its entire splendor. Do not let teak furniture on wet or standing water in a courtyard. Protects the wood during the winter months, either covering the brown outdoor furniture or taking them inside. To keep the honey brown teak used abroad should be treated regularly with teak oil for outdoor furniture.

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