Simple Hydroponic Vegetable Gardening Tips


To understand hydroponic vegetable gardening of system should not take an advanced course in agronomy. Base is simple, so here I go with a basic explanation to see if you do not lose. Feeding plants through roots, they absorb water in substrate (middle earth ground). And water is full of nutrients that have been diluted through ground (potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, etc.) So far we are clear. Therefore, substrate is simply a means for holding water and transfer plants absorb nutrients. This medium or substrate has two main purposes. Then, base of hydroponic vegetable gardening system is accelerating how plants get their food and do not have to pass through substrate. It comes directly from water and thus better absorption is achieved (hope I have not confused).

Weeks passed and although flowers died, branches with foliage remained alive. So you kept pouring water and they began to take root. This, dear readers, is basis of a hydroponic vegetable gardening system. For floating crops there are people using pieces of polystyrene or “Styrofoam” to support and leave plants floating on water (raft type). Remember that idea is not to immerse pot in water, but their roots.

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