Raised Vegetable Garden Ideas


Raised vegetable garden ideas can make your more productive and easier to maintain garden. Choosing a type of raised bed to use depends largely on personal preference, but the cost, effort to build and maintenance are important considerations. The most popular types of kitchen gardening raised beds are made of wood, brick and stone, but there are other options worth considering.

One of the most common materials for building raised vegetable garden ideas, wood offers many options. Redwood or cedar planks last for many years and have natural beauty. Untreated pine is a cheap option, but will have to be replaced every four or five years. Sleepers are strong and durable, but require extra effort to put in place. Bed frames can be constructed from single pieces of wood or square posts, including 4 4s, stacked horizontally to make the beds as high or deep if you wish.

Raised vegetable garden ideas built from bricks and stones require more work to build and are usually more expensive than wood, but are long lasting and attractive. Interlocking bricks designed for retaining walls and flower beds are an easy alternative and provide adequate drainage. Landscaping stones can be stacked against the edges of raised beds to prevent erosion and define the edges.

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