Popular Landscape Design Ideas


Pools and ponds is a popular for landscape design ideas, albeit a bit pricey. A pool in a backyard offers an ideal environment for summer parties. You may or parties in the indoor pool around a pool. In addition, you can also have a couple of small ponds where they can breed varieties of goldfish and water lilies plant. The pools and ponds look absolutely stunning against a green backdrop lawn. You can opt for a synthetic, if you do not have time to maintain a natural grass.

Create a sand bed in a cozy corner of your landscape design ideas. You can choose to have sand builder or sharp sand or river sand if you can handle. Build a hammock on the sand bed and put some potted plants with tropical flowers. Plant some tall trees around to protect your Caribbean oasis from the prying eyes of the surroundings.

Rock Garden is another interesting design your landscape design ideas. You can use pretty, colorful stones to build roads in your garden. A stone fountain base may be any one besides a rock garden. Xerophytes as cactus look apt in a rock garden.

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