Local Codes for Porch Enclosures


Porch enclosures – A porch creates a gap between the inside and outside patio or garden; which provides more shade than a single deck, and in colloquial use, often refers to structures at the front of the house, unlike backyard or courtyards. Building codes against all structures united or separated from the main house, commonly known as porches. The International Building Code defines the requirements for porch enclosures, patio covers state and local codes, and ordinances provide more requirements. Consult local authorities to determine your porch meets the criteria relevant to your area.

Many local codes and ordinances follow the rules of the International Building Code, although some state codes adopt or impose new additions, especially in the field of aesthetic or historic preservation standards. The city of Escondido, California, for example, imposes very similar to those of the VBI standards. However, the entire city code also requires smoke detectors in certain cases, imposes a minimum ceiling height and requires compliance with the California Electrical Code. In addition to the safety regulations, zoning laws on porches can also highlight a specific type of building or style facade; in Spokane, Washington, “rural housing units,” a type of small-detached house, should be oriented around covered porch enclosures.

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