How to Plan Vegetable Gardening and Flower


Vegetable gardening and flower are bright, valuable additions to any home or property. Every increase its value with the addition of the other, and a combined garden can make your task easier and less time. If you are vegetable gardening and flower, however, sit down and plan out first in regard to the requirements of the season, the location, the foundation, the compatibility of the plant and planting. Finding a location for your garden where all the plants have full sun for six to eight hours a day with consistent drainage.

Choose popular summer for vegetable gardening like tomatoes, peppers, corn, peas, squash and eggplant. Choose summer perennials like lilies and irises for spring planting or annuals such as violas, petunias, begonias and morning glories for a summer full of flowering. Note that perennials will return year after year.

Plan out your garden before you start. Plant perennial bulbs around the edge of the garden for a year the border after year. Annual plants on one side of the garden, where you can replant a large plot each year. Vegetable plants on the other side of the garden, so they can give them the care they need without flowers in between.

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