How To Clean Wicker Porch Furniture


How To Clean Wicker Porch Furniture – Wicker furniture give much warmth to the porch, but if they look dirty and dull, just give a sad and unkempt. What happens is that often do not know how to get the dust that accumulates, as a duster or cloth only remove what is superficially, but in the recesses or in certain corners dust is still present, forming spots dirt that give very bad aspect. In addition, it often happens that we are afraid to give it a thorough cleaning because if the procedure is not appropriate, or product we use is inappropriate for this material will end up ruining it.

But then we will see how to clean wicker porch furniture properly, to make clean look as if they were newly purchased. The first thing to do is remove all dust; this is done using a compressor or a vacuum cleaner. Be especially careful to remove well what is between the rods, as it is the area where most dirt builds up. Then in a bowl or other container, place hot water with coarse salt or lemon juice. We leave dilute, and using a clean cloth very well the entire surface. Only if necessary, use a soft brush to pass along the same lines of wicker brush.

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And clean, let the wicker porch furniture dries in a place where air run, but not that of the sun directly, until completely dry. When you no longer have traces of moisture, we note that is much more white and clean. If we wish, we can give a final varnish spray or bitumen (shoe polish) to revitalize their appearance. The precaution to take is that if the wicker furniture combined with another material, such as wood or iron, we must apply this procedure only in the ready-made wicker part.

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