Fruit Garden in Container


A fruit garden in the pot allows you to grow food in small spaces and in disease-free soils. It also reduces the time spent on weeding and soil preparation. Although many vegetables grow easily in containers or pots, there are fruit trees grow well. The care and appropriate care will give you a bountiful harvest of fruits grown in pots. Some apples, peaches, cherries, apricots, plums and nectarines are good choices for pots. Many dwarfs and columned varieties grow well in fruit garden containers. However, fruit trees grown in pots do not produce as much as the standard size. Search self-pollinating plant varieties or more of cross-pollinated varieties. As with berries, fruit trees require at least six hours of sun and water.

Strawberries, particularly continuous production and day-neutral, are ideal for pots because they take up little space and thrive in well-drained soils. Strawberries grow well in planters, hanging baskets and various styles of containers for herbs and strawberries. The blueberry bushes growing in large containers and smaller varieties are an ideal choice for fruit garden. Blueberries grow best in sandy soils something, so choose a substratum of rapid drainage. Both strawberries and blueberries require full sun and about 1 inch (25 mm) of rain or irrigation per week.

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