Best Vegetable Garden Layout


Best vegetable garden layout – Rows: It is very easy best vegetable garden layout to plan and make a vegetable garden planted in straight lines. Before planting, design your garden on a sheet of paper or stakes placed at each corner of the garden and tie a rope from one peg to another to define the rows. Be sure to plan a path between each row. The length of the lines depends on the size of the garden. Planter raised floor: You can design a raised floor planter simply accommodating the land where you want to plant or enclosing it in wooden frames. The framed planter raised floor is preferable because the land warms more quickly, which will allow you to plant your garden before.

Block: The best vegetable garden layout block, also known as closed line, let you grow more product in an area more smaller than traditional row garden because you’re eliminating the paths between the rows. You plant a vegetable blocks that cross-hairs planters raised floor.

For example best vegetable garden layout, start at the end of a box and plant rows of carrots in a block that goes through the planter 91-122 cm (3-4 feet). After onion plant rows next to the carrots and lettuce after rows.

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